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I want to thank you once again for all you did for our son James. It was truly a pleasure working with you and honestly I was floored in the courtroom by the two not guilty verdicts. You are an outstanding lawyer and I would recommend you to anyone in need of your services.And thank you for treating our son so kindly and keeping in such close contact with us throughout the process.  

 All the best to you always,

- Jeff & Pam C.


Dear Joseph and James,

Thank you for all your hard work, we are very pleased with all you did and the outcome of the situation. My son is back at school tonight and able to move forward with finishing this semester, etc. He knows how very lucky he is with outcome because of your guidance on all accounts.  I would not hesitate to recommend your Firm to anyone that finds themselves in this predicament .  God bless.


We want to thank you again for yesterday and all the days before. Turned out better than I even dared hope. I'll drop you an email now and again to let you know how well the boys are doing. -Cathy; 978.500.3798

Cathy watched you get 3 acquittals. I saw the last 2 and was so impressed with your closing argument; how well constructed it was. Irrefutable. Obviously! -Gary. 978-774-0189

I spent 2 days watching Joe defend my son on trial for his 2nd OUI. A conviction would have disastrous consequences for his career and his young family. However, it was our very good fortune to have been represented by Attorney Waldbaum who is, without much doubt, the best OUI defense attorney in the state. His skill, professionalism, and extensive knowledge of the fine points of the law were all on display during these 2 days. He effectively countered all the DA's arguments, cast doubt on the testimony of 2 state troopers through cross examination, and clearly stressed the concept of reasonable doubt to the jury. It was a masterful performance. My son was cleared of all 3 charges. He is now free to get on with his life. We owe a very great debt of gratitude to Joe and I recommend him without hesitation to anyone who finds himself charged with OUI.


My son was arrested for OUI and we were considering a CWOF. The arresting officer was very convincing when we picked him up that that was the way to go. We hired attorney Waldbaum and he took the time to answer our many questions and met with us to view the badge-cam video. We then decided to move forward with a trial. Again Attorney Walbaum was very patient and accommodating with our questions and concerns. My son was found not guilty of the OUI and two other violations, saving us over $5000 in fees and surcharges. We can't thank him enough! Do not hesitate to hire him.


Attorney Waldbaum,

A short note to thank you once again for the very professional job you have done handling our son's case. We particularly appreciate your readiness to take the case in a very short notice and working during the weekend to get everything ready for a Monday morning court appearance. We are very pleased with the outcome given the severity of the evidence against him.

Kind regards,

Jorge and Nidia S.

Joseph Waldbaum provided excellent representation for our son. His professional expertise in presentation of the facts and proving the charges untrue resulted in a victorious outcome for our son, who was found not guilty. Joseph also challenged the automatic 5 year suspension of our son's license by the registry because he refused to take a breathalyzer test and won that too, allowing our son to regain his license so he could drive to work and not jeopardize his job. My husband and I recommend the high quality of his services to others and give our full endorsement of his qualifications.


Our Attorney told us Mr. Waldbaum was the one to go to. I contacted him Monday morning and within an hour I received emailed court instructions and his questionnaire to fill out. My son spoke with him and we met less than 24 hours later in court. He was extremely organized and everything was in a notebook with the necessary material highlighted. We went through it and he frequently stopped to ask if we had questions or needed anything clarified. Once in the court room he was highly professional but warm as well. He argued for our son before the judge for what seemed like an interminable amount of time [3 long sidebars!] and got the best result possible considering the awful facts of his case.


My introduction to Attorney Waldbaum was on a Saturday afternoon in February 2010, when my son, an 18 yr old college student, informed my wife and me that he had been stopped for OUI-Drugs (marijuana) the night before. He was due in court at 9am Monday morning and Joe spent a great deal of time talking us through what to expect and gathering the necessary information to represent my son.

While this was difficult in itself, the situation turned worse when my son was stopped a second time less than six weeks later for the same offense – this time on a Sunday evening. Joe again spent the time to inform us of what we would likely face in court on Monday morning and the news was not good.

Due to the first charge being unresolved and now a second arrest, it was likely that the prosecutor would seek jail time for my son because of his bail violation. Joe was able to strike a deal on Monday that kept my son out of jail in exchange for my son agreeing not to drive and being subject to random drug testing until the two cases were resolved. From this point on Joe developed a strategy to seek the best possible outcome for my son. He identified the risks/rewards of multiple strategies and engaged each of us along the way to gain our acceptance and/or objections.

Ultimately, based upon Joe’s recommendation, my son decided (with our support) to accept a CWOF on his first arrest. Joe believed that he had a strong defense for the second case and proceeded to work on a winning strategy. Through multiple court appearances, legal arguments and motions that lasted for over a year, finally in April 2011, my son’s case was going to be heard before a trial by Judge. Joe was confident that he had a strong case, and that it was going to be heard by a reasonable judge, and as my son was being called into the courtroom, the prosecutor asked to speak with Joe.

The nightmare was finally over as Joe came back with the news that the case was being dismissed. I believe that Joe’s frankness and straightforward approach in explaining the possible outcomes to my son, made a tremendous impact on him and has helped him to make the necessary changes in his life that he needed to make. Thanks to Attorney Waldbaum, he will be able to move forward without the added burden of an OUI conviction on his record.

I would recommend Joe to anyone in need of strong representation as it was clear to me that he was knowledgeable of both the complex laws regarding OUI and the process to follow to gain a favorable result.

Signed, an extremely grateful parent, and if needed you can reach me at Dalynews1@gmail.com should you have any questions or doubt about choosing Attorney Waldbaum.


I live in New York and my daughter lives in Medford, MA. Like most parents I felt awful when I received the call that she was arrested and charged with DUI. This caused hardship in our family and I didn't know what to do. Fortunately my wife found Joe Waldbaum on the internet and it was like God coming to the rescue. He immediately put us at ease and explained the best way to handle this. It was a very complicated case and he handled it to perfection. My wife, my daughter, and I could not have been more satisfied. On a scale of one to ten we give Mr. Waldbaum an eleven.


Mr. Waldbaum:

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help with our daughters case. We really appreciated the way that you spelled out what to expect each step of the way, even, (or especially), the small details of how the pre-trial would go. You brought clarity and a semblance of order to a very emotional and troublesome situation. While I hope we never need to rely on your services again, we are glad to have had the chance to get to know you.

Thanks again.

Mr. H.


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