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Work Licenses

(also called Limited licenses, day licenses, work permits, Cinderella licenses, or "7 to 7s".)

Such a license allows you to drive:

  • 7 days per week for
  • an identical 12 hour period each day
  • which you choose
  • for work, school or
  • any other "legitimate purpose".

A work license or hardship license is also available for:

  • suspensions for breath or blood test refusal, or
  • "under 21" suspension
  • suspensions for additional charges due to the same incident

A work license or hardship license may be granted when the criminal matter has been disposed of under Section 24D (first offender provision) of the OUI law (This is a state approved driver alcohol education program consisting of about 20 weekly classes).

Second Offenders

I usually achieve a "first offender's disposition" allowing for a work license if the prior OUI is more than 10 years old.

Out of State License Holders

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